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Painting the picture…

For those healthcare professionals…remember its all in the title ‘care’ – I always wonder, if you do not care, go elsewhere and ‘not care’. Spread the love people


Earlier this week I tweeted about the wisdom of my first ever boss. Dr Kemp was a fantastic, old-school doctor and I couldn’t have wished for a more supportive or inspiring Consultant in my first FY1 job. I’m sure he is a major reason why I pursued a career as a Physician. At the end of our attachment he checked the rota for a date when none of his team were on call and invited us all to his home for dinner with our partners. Just a demonstration of how lovely he was.

One of the titbits of his wisdom that has stayed with me for nearly 8 years now is his analogy of a medical admission to painting a picture rather than ticking the boxes. He hated the protocol driven Medicine that was starting to dominate practice at the time, and was a great believer in letting time help…

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