Bio: I am a dreamer, an eternal optimist and I wish to become a catalyst for change. I have a lot of ambition, hope in the human species and determination to do something. No matter how small... I am a daughter to a human rights activist, the greatest inspiration I have by far. A sister to a gorgeous 30 something who is mum to my only nephew, my gorgeous niece and sister to so many other sisters and brothers from another mother. A grand-daughter to a living legend who still dreams and tried to make me an economist. A not-so-new wife to a Zimbabwean civil engineer. A cousin to a dozen younger versions of me. A friend to many (I hope). A mother to the most beautiful little girl. I am also a trainee paediatrician with an interest in social justice and human rights. And, my brother Mamman's comment has reminded me, when I write about my past, I will attempt to be honest about how I felt when it was happening. I am trying to record my stories so I don't forget when the next generation comes along. I will probably throw in musings of my todays and maybe even what I imagine life will be in the future but I will write it in such a way you, my reader, can tell which it is. I hope 😀 Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it 😀 ❤

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