Colourful Snakes

Over the years, I have had a number of recurrent dreams. The one I am about to describe I’ve had since I was around the age of 11 or 12. I usually dream it when there is a lot going on in my life, when there are many balls to juggle. So I guess it is a reflection of my overworked brain leading to an overactive imagination.

Here it is:

I wake up slowly after a lovely sleep. I am in a white room; the walls are painted white, the lace curtains fluttering in the gentle breeze are white and there is bright light made softer by the curtains. The bed is king sized dressed in white sheets, lots of white fluffy pillows and a really soft freshly laundered duvet or blanket. I sit up and stretch slowly, enjoying the peace filling the room.

As I gaze about me, I suddenly spot a flash of bright green in the corner of the window. I watch in fascination as the colour resolves itself into a small snake. The snake is maybe 1cm thick and 12cm long. I am not afraid of the snake. I watch it slither down to the floor. Just as it reaches the floor, a red flash catches my eyes. This time from the opposite corner of the window. I follow the red snake’s progress but midway through its descent, a yellow one appears this time coming through the lower corner of the door. Followed by a bright blue one, then an orange one, then a ruby red snake…

Within minutes, there are dozens of small snakes creeping into my white room and they are all heading towards the bed. My fascination and admiration of the bright colours soon changes into unease. I tuck my feet under me and pull the duvet in towards me so that it bunches around my still body in the middle of the bed. I don’t want the snakes to climb up the bed from the hanging duvet. As the numbers grow, I become afraid. My tummy churns, my breath becomes rapid and shallower and I begin to tremble. I remain frozen there, watching helplessly as they approach the bed and begin to slither up its sides. I feel a scream beginning deep inside me. All I know is I cannot step off the bed and escape because touching the snakes would freak me out. Yet, I know they are coming and they will soon be all over me. There is no escape.

 Always, I wake up with a start. I feel sick with fear; my heart is pounding, my breath panting, my muscles trembling. I am wholly unrested and I feel unprepared to face the day with the challenges that are stressing me out.


Do you have any recurrent dreams? Have you dreamt of these colourful small snakes? Do you think there is a deeper meaning to my dream? I wonder…

Talk to me...I love hearing your views!

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